Caring for Your Watch Band

When purchasing a watch, many people may neglect their watch bands. It's important to care for your watch band, especially if you own a leather watch because you will want to keep it from looking worn. Keeping your leather watch straps clean will also ensure that your watch will hold its value should you ever want to resell it in the future. Here are some tips on how to keep your watchband clean.

Wipe your band with a dry cloth
Moisture can become trapped in leather, as a result you'll want to use something dry to remove moisture and dirt from the strap. Do this before you wash your strap to make sure that any dirt on it will not scratch the band when it is being scrubbed. Microfiber cloths are excellent for doing something like this.

Use Soap and Water to scrub the band
Now you will want to use a damp cloth to pat down the watch band. You should not use a wet cloth or submerge the leather completely in water as that will damage it. Use a mild hand soap to wash both sides of the band. When you are finished rinse off your cloth and use it to wipe the band thoroughly. Make sure to allow your watch to dry completely before wearing the watch again.

Use a leather conditioner
Leather conditioner is great because it keeps leather looking new, shiny, and soft, as opposed to dry and cracked. If you have a leather band made from unfinished leather, you should use mink oil or leather preservative to condition it.